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We follow through with our training commitments. Our interactions are truthful, sincere, consistent, and ethical.

Our training gives clients the resources and the environment they need to gain knowledge, thrive and reignite their careers.
We provide opportunities to connect with industry leaders through training and development to expand your networking to expand their network.

Our programs in OCCSC are strategically tailored to meet the needs of new immigrants and Canadians to reintegrate to the local job market swiftly. You have the talent and skills. We offer you the needed training & development support to propel your career path that can change the world for you.

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  • “Throughout my soft skills training with In-TAC, as a part of OWN program I was able to meet amazing new people, including another version of myself! I also got the chance to touch on many new skills. It was definitely a nice experience to remember.”
    Adam H
  • “In-TAC and the awesome program of WITT really helped me gain confidence and knowledge about Canadian job market to land my first job in Canada as a Business Analyst.”

    Mahtab K
  • “Prior to joining WITT program at In-TAC, I got some interviews, but I was not getting hired. WITT helped me in terms of gaining my self-confidence and equipped me with the right tools to showcase my abilities that made me feel more confident. I’m so grateful.”
    Ines B
  • “WITT program in In-TAC helped me to expand my networking. There were also the training components, workshops, and mock-interviews and coaching sessions. These helped me landing at my new job.”
    Saoussen SM
  • “Ever since I have landed in Canada, I have been meeting amazing people and WIIT was another addition to this list. I have all the reasons to believe that Canada is the land of opportunities. My sincere thanks to the entire In-TAC team for taking the efforts that you really take.”
    Seema SD
  • “In the soft skills training by In-TAC, I was able to learn the Canadian style of communication and how to express myself clearly, at work. I am more confident now with all my strengths and ready for my future job -seeking.”
    Bosi C
  • “For me, the key takeaway from WITT is the confidence on my abilities. This made me less stressed-out for the job seeking process and helped me land my current position. Thanks, In-TAC.”
    Rekha SS
  • “The WITT program, among many other things, taught me how to adjust my resume according to the Canadian labor market, I learned of the importance of keeping my LinkedIn profile updated, and I acquired emotional intelligence skills.”
    Deyris L
  • “The soft skill training at In-TAC helped me acknowledge my accomplishments, which I have not done before. It taught me the important aspects of the Canadian way of English rendering. It underlined the fact that, despite the differences in culture and languages, emotions are the same across the globe and it has to be always valued.”
    Kavita V
  • “I joined the In-TAC soft skills training course in September of 2021 before my Lighthouse Labs Full Stack developer bootcamp. Having learned the importance of soft skills has made me want to continue to learn and polish up my skills to become a better-rounded individual for myself and others.”
    Suliman F
  • “I am very grateful to be a part of the OWN Tech program and be selected for the full-stack development boot camp. I hope In-TAC would get sufficient funding to continue this program. Thank you and everyone who made this happen.”
    Sunny C
  • “The soft skills training at IN-TAC was not only very informative but an eye-opener to the Canadian work culture. I was very fortunate to partake in this OWN program in the summer of 2021. Every aspect of the training was invaluable and life changing experience.”
    Chioma A
  • “I attended this soft skills training session recently during my Lighthouse Labs Full Stack Developer training organized by In-TAC. It helped me come out of my self-created shell where I was always hesitant in facing real world scenarios especially pertaining to present myself to prospective Canadian employer(s).”
    Rupi J
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