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We’d like to be the first to welcome you to your new start. Our unique programs are designed to propel your career path as you re-enter the workforce, in a Canadian setting. We understand that transitioning back into the workforce isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Our programs provide internationally trained professionals with a range of resources to support in reaching your goal of landing a job. Your global skills, paired with our training and development, will give you a powerful perspective to become an asset in the local workforce and REIGNITE YOUR CAREER.

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OCCSC employment services division of Ottawa Chinese community service centre is one of the well-known service providers among Internationally skilled professionals for providing career-enhancing skill trainings and job searching support. Our mission is to reignite your career by our uniquely designed programs focused on IT skills and skills for success trainings and to make an easy and smooth journey of reintegrating to the workforce.

We are committed to create a transformational learning environment for newcomer Canadians, immigrant professionals by giving them the right support and empowering them to become an asset to the Canadian workforce. By enhancing their skills and abilities with proper mentoring and networking they can re-enter the job market and can contribute to the Canadian economy.

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