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The Employment Services Division of OCCSC provides services to internationally educated professionals including bridge to employment training for IT and Skills for Success training. The Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC) provides employment and settlement services to newcomers in Ottawa through Language Training, Client Counselling and Employment Services. It serves a diverse clientele from over 60 countries and provides services from employment preparation to sector-specific training of newcomer professionals, employer engagement and training.



The Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable organization committed to advancing the full social and economic integration and participation of newcomers, immigrants, refugees, and people of Chinese descent in the City of Ottawa.



The Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre ensures that the values of client-based professionalism, inclusiveness and commitment are implicit in all agency operations.

Our Facilitators

Gwen Pawlikowski

Gwen Pawlikowski imagines a cosmopolitan, futuristic Canada where we all work together and use our skills to create amazing products and services that make our lives better. To that end, she facilitates soft skills training that contributes to diverse, inclusive workplaces: small tweaks to the way we interact make a big difference to happiness and psychological safety. Gwen has participated in a wide range of rewarding In-TAC projects since 2018. Gwen’s credentials include: M.A. (Adult Education), Master Class in Impact Evaluation (Tamarack Institute), Cross-Cultural Communication (Alison.com), Gender-Based Analysis +.(Government of Canada).
For Beginners and Experts

Doris Haddad

Doris is a bilingual Career Counsellor, with a MEd and a Master Certified Career Coach certification with over 30 years’ experience in Human Resources and Career Coaching in both the public and private sectors. Known in many industries for providing career management strategies leading to proven results. Provide effective job search techniques while career coaching a diverse audience including internationally trained professionals in various fields. Create self-confidence in how clients promote their skills and introduce themselves professionally. Doris’ motto is: “Strategize your way to Career success” .

Mary Houle

Mary is a speech language pathologist and communication advisor. She combines speech science with the art of storytelling to help leaders with integrity deliver their message with conviction. She has 25 years of experience in the field, having earned her Master of Science degree in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia in 1994. She is a certified member of CASLPO, and is continually pursuing education in her field in order to provide the highest quality, evidence-based service to her clients. She is intentional about whom she helps, and uses her knowledge and skills to make a better world—for everyone, especially those whose voices have historically been suppressed.
For Beginners and Experts
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