Our Value Proposition for Employers

Attracting, hiring, and retaining the talent is critical; yet it can often be challenging. To prepare you and your workforce for the ‘Future of Work’. OCCSC is developing Skills for Success Training models that delivers on the essential skills needed for a successful “new economy” resilient to inevitable economic, cultural, technological, and demographic shifts.

Labour skill shortages in the IT sector?

“68% local executives and business owners from the IT sector in Ottawa rank labour skill shortages as one of their top three issues of worry and concern.”
Ottawa Business Journal

OCCSC can help!

We offer Employers:

  • Staffing Solutions

  • Employer Support
  • Training & Development
For Beginners and Experts

Staffing Solutions:

  • Access to highly skilled internationally educated professionals in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver with 5-15 years of experience in the IT sector and proficient English Language skills.
  • Access to highly skilled Internationally Educated Professionals with years of experience in the IT industry.

Employer Support:

  • Personalised Services. We take the time to understand your business and organizational, cultural so that we find the best fit for your company.
  • We’ll have three qualified candidates on your desk within 72 hours of receiving your job postings.
  • Access to exclusive online interviews and job fairs for your company.

Training & Development:

  • We provide services to internationally educated professionals including bridge to employment training for IT and Skills for Success training.
  • We serve a diverse clientele from over 60 countries and provides services from employment preparation to sector-specific training of newcomer professionals, employer engagement.
  • Complimentary Skills for Success Training specifically designed for employers

“We have been partnering with In-Tac with over 10 years. 40-50% people come from in-TAC. Many times, we don’t even post our openings, we see the resumes (they send) and we are like -how did they know?”

Mara Taraceivicz
VP operations and Finance, Superna Inc.
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