Training and development programs that focus on upskilling and reskilling are beneficial for both employees and their organisation. Every time you are able to successfully reskill an employee, this will contribute to their own professional development and morale boosting whilst also contributing to the depth in human capital for your organization.

Future-Proof Your Career!

OCCSC’s Training and Development programs are strategically designed to improve the behavioural skills and ensure teamwork in the organization by:

  • Providing each Job Seeker a thorough understanding of what’s expected of them. They’re clear on their goals and role in the team and wider organization.
  • Delivering training on the tools or resources they need to catalyze the growth, performance & competitiveness your organization needs.

Empowering Employers for the Future of Work

The team at OCCSC in partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is teaming up with employer partners to conduct a research project in order to find out what skills are needed to empower the workforce for the future of work.
For Beginners and Experts


Job Search Workshop

The Job Search Workshop (JSW) is a group-based, one-week workshop where job seekers have the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to undertake a successful job search in Canada.


Women IT Teleworkers

Women IT Teleworkers (WITT) program works with women immigrants who are already internationally trained in the field of IT and want to work from home.
For Beginners and Experts
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